Products for Food and Beverage

Spin Clear carries only the finest quality, most capable products for the processing of your foods and beverages

2 or 3 phase Separators

Fully integrated ArtBrew and ArtBev series of clarifiers are the Flagship offerings from Andritz Separation. High Speed, Conical Disk Stack Separators are available in 2 or 3 phase (Solid/Liquid) or (Solid/Liquid/Liquid) applications. Polishing Wine, Clarification of Beer


Dynamic Cross-flow Filter (DCF)

The DCF is suitable for recovering  either solids or liquids from high solids concentration and high viscosity slurry's like Wine Lees, Fermentation Tank Bottoms, Juice Pulps, Protein mass and other value streams which are difficult to process with more traditional methods.


Decanter Centrifuge

Andritz F-Series Decanter Centrifuge is available in three levels of finish and configured for large volumes and flow rates,  medium to high concentrations of solids. 


Filter Press and Screens

Andritz Filter Press, The Industry Standard

• Animal processing

• Baby food

• Beverages (beer,

wine, juice)

• Dairy

• Functional


• Industrial


• Nutraceuticals

• Starches and


• Sugar

• Vegetable oil


Dipran Bottling and Can Lines

Filling of Sparkling or Still Products with State of the Art lines from Dipran.